How some scholars end up with bad dissertations

Almost all the research authors give their best when writing their dissertation but there are still many who fail to impress their readers. Sometimes research scholars might come up with a bad dissertation report; much to their own surprise.

How some scholars end up with bad dissertations

Let’s discuss a few points that make research scholars preparing bad dissertation reports –

1.  Not being open to others’ ideas or opinions

If a research scholar carries out research in isolation, he would probably be the only one to read it too. A research report gets better when more and more eyes examine it and point out its faults. Asking for help or seeking other’s opinions should not be intimidating to you and should be done in lieu of improvising your dissertation.

2. Choosing a topic being unaware about the research done on it

Often, scholars might choose a topic that they are fascinated by and is easily understandable to them. But, they forget to look for the research work that has already been done on those topics and the treatment they have received in the community. Also, one might make a redundant research report which is probably of no use in the field chosen.

3. Not defining a scope or preparing an outline

Not giving your research an outline before you start, may lead you haywire. It is important that only one research topic is chosen, appropriate hypothesis is taken up and proved without being tempted to give in to the topics or ideas surrounding that fact. This will keep your thesis focused and precise without deviating from the point. It is also important to define a scope and stick to it without wandering on other ideas from time to time.

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